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Personal helicopter

Here's a cool project: a personnel helicopter, that actually seems feasible to use. Although I find it cool, especially because it can be made portable, I can't stop to think that in a moment of not paying attention, or if you crash, those blades could (potentially) turn you into mince meat. Do you see this as the future of personal transportation?

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Comments for Personal helicopter

I love Helicopters!


My name is Sam Dechenne. I'm also know as Alexander Dechenne or just Sam is fine. Please email me for gigs. Trumpet cornet or Tuba!

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just, just, you know.
posted by Sam Dechenne at Wednesday, January-30-2008 21:54pm


That has gotta be the loudest thing ever
posted by kp at Wednesday, January-30-2008 22:43pm

Can you just see the carnage in the city streets

as people are texting and drinking coffee on the way to work.
posted by landlubber at Wednesday, January-30-2008 22:51pm

It looks more like

a personal decapitator to me...
it looks too easy to accidentally kill yourself for that thing to actually go mainstream
posted by niko k. at Thursday, January-31-2008 01:19am


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posted by Guest at Thursday, January-31-2008 05:52am

I dunno...

Think of it more like a basic model, the final project having a bit more protection.... seems pretty plausible to me...
posted by Sam S at Thursday, January-31-2008 09:56am

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posted by Lordguk at Sunday, June-22-2008 14:02pm

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