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Do's and don'ts with babies

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As readers pointed out, the pictures seem to be from a book by David and Kelly Sopp. All credits go to them, for the marvelous book! If you like it, you can buy it on Amazon, as it would make a great gift:

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Comments for Do's and don'ts with babies

This also

Here's another don't:
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 16:36pm


posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 17:57pm


Don't use an apostrophe to denote a plural. You clueless git. :o
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 18:06pm

Nice finding

I loled!
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 18:29pm

I hear Britney used this... a parenting manual
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 18:48pm

These drawing were made by a sick mind.

I guess the most bizarre aspect to these notices is that they have been done by someone on a baby at one time or other.


I didn't find them funny!
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 18:55pm

Anyone know

where this originally came from??
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 19:12pm


What if baby really wants to teethe on the shoe?
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 19:54pm


To be honest I have a kid 11 years old now but those picture made me so laught thanks for the cheers, because sometime when you have a baby it's the kind of thing tha cross your mind but you don't do lol
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 21:28pm

Credit where credit is due...

If you're going to post things from copy-righted books, you should, at the very least, give the title and author!!

These pics are from a book called Safe Baby Handling Tips by David and Kelly Sopp (ISBN 0762424915).
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 21:30pm

I hear Britney used this...

Ha, you stole my comment!
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 22:22pm

Re: These drawing were made by a sick mind.

Lighten the f*** up.
posted by Guest at Thursday, January-24-2008 22:23pm


Please f***ing die, plagiarists.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 01:43am


I was crying I was laughing so hard.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 01:50am

Die plagiarist

Hope you get sued by the book authors:
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 03:03am

Ha ha ha

This reminds me of Don't do that flash cartoons, it is hillarious, but seems many pointed out that it is copied from a book, maybe should put some credit at least. But very funny, like this kind of way, it catches and stay in mind.

posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 03:13am


i found it very funny. i needed a laugh. one of the best and silliest ever!
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 05:20am


Go cry somewhere else. It was funny, regardless where it came from
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 15:14pm

Do's - nope

Like said above, it's Dos, and Don'ts, Do's means "do is" or something else that makes no sense.

Dos. Just add an s to the end for plural.

DVDs, CDs, and the like.


posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 21:22pm


n. plural: dos or do's
It seems to go both ways :)
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 21:59pm


\hahahah thats was pretty funny
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 22:11pm

Take it for what it's worth

This is effing hilarious. I dont care where it came from. Thumbs up.
posted by Guest at Friday, January-25-2008 22:41pm


those were funny, lighten up folks.
posted by Guest at Saturday, January-26-2008 02:03am

Well Well Well

I seem to have entered into a no holds barred debate or war about plagerism -- so my comments are -
1. I did find the cartoons exceptionally well directed - they had the funny side which made me smile - yet they were deadly serious too and definately would awaken people to the sad fact that sometime even inadvertantly people dont give the kids the right treatment. So a clap for this blog from me.
2. From the comments it appears that the cartoons are already well published on the net and as such have become visible to millions as in this post too. So methinks that one has to be careful to inform the reader of the source of the content if one is not the author.
3. Now that this has been discussed at lenght - lets hope that kindness and the inate goodness of all concerned prevails without any acrimony.
posted by Guest at Saturday, January-26-2008 18:42pm


It's scary that there is enough people out there as new parents to actually have a book published covering these Do and Don't. Now if they can only publish a book that covers the topic of new couples without kids, yet. That seem to have no other choice, but kill off all their kids. Ignorance is one thing, but complete insanity is another.

PS: They forgot the issue of leaving your kids in a vehicle with close windows on a hot summer day. Most people wouldn't do that to their pet dog Sparky, let alone a child.
posted by Guest at Saturday, January-26-2008 22:14pm


our family is having a routgh time the past two years. this gave me such a laugh. i needed it and i can't thank you enough.

funny silly and some people may even need to look at it. it's sacary. :clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-27-2008 02:15am


I have five precious children, whom I ADORE and would never harm.
That's why these pictures are so funny! I almost peed my pants laughing so hard!
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-27-2008 04:36am


Why couldn't I have seen these 30 years ago when I needed them?
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-27-2008 06:02am

I peed a little

And then I read the comments.


If there is any doubt that there are people in this world stupid enough to go with the don'ts, look no further than the people who didn't have enough of a sense of humor to laugh at the pictures.

To quote Heinlein, by way of Jubal Harshaw: "Humans are the animals that laugh."

If you couldn't find the humor in these, then you're far less suitable to raise a child than the artists responsible for creating them.

-the Pope :pray:
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-27-2008 09:31am


i just loved the instructions...
is there anywhere i could get stickers of them...
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-27-2008 19:03pm


The nursing one is the funniest.
posted by Guest at Sunday, January-27-2008 19:53pm


hahhahah....very funy.... :clap:

try sumtninh new..fron this'll like it...
posted by Guest at Monday, January-28-2008 08:33am

sick mind

all you peeps who seem to think this is an excuse to start ranting about other people having sick minds becasue they laughed at them CHILL THE FEKK OUT
it was done as a JOKE... you know a p*** TAKE...
lighten up for gods sake
posted by Guest at Monday, January-28-2008 22:53pm


Didn't the bum with the "Will sit for food" sign look like Kris Kristofferson?,Kris_Thumbnail.jpg
posted by Guest at Tuesday, January-29-2008 00:26am


You can be funny without being crass or in poor taste...not funny. :-/
posted by Guest at Tuesday, January-29-2008 22:50pm


very lol indeed
posted by rank at Wednesday, January-30-2008 13:05pm


very funny:)!!~! :D
posted by Aneta at Wednesday, January-30-2008 14:26pm

calm down

Damn its a joke i don't see why you have to start kicking off saying OMFG YOUR SICK NOT FUNNY
posted by noneofyourbuisness at Wednesday, January-30-2008 17:52pm


this is for those who keep insulting this...GET A LIFE!!! its not like those pics are made for baby abusers, its just a joke and at least its telling u not to do the cruel things...
posted by Madison at Wednesday, January-30-2008 19:44pm


posted by blolb at Wednesday, January-30-2008 22:01pm


Air horns are fun. I don't get it.
posted by V-kooy at Thursday, January-31-2008 02:26am


we-he-he-he veeeery original
posted by sheesh at Thursday, January-31-2008 09:18am


of course, anyone who thinks I'm not being sarcastic is an id$*t!
posted by sheesh at Thursday, January-31-2008 09:19am


That's so dang cute...i tell you what boy, i bet my buddy and partner in crime Wesley would think this was just precious, absolutely precious. Me and my hubbie Dave are adopting a youngin, this helps! Go SPARTANS!
posted by Chris Saunders at Thursday, January-31-2008 14:42pm


I have my 7th child on the way. These were hillarious. I was crying. People who get up tight about these either a) don't have children or b) need to lighten up.
posted by Frank Ferter at Thursday, January-31-2008 18:10pm


there are a couple different kinds of tards postings comments here:

1. those that find these so funny that they're "p***ing" or "crying" (really? you probably like dane cook too.)

2. those who actually think these are real and that there are people who need them. (you are especially special)

3. and those who think britney jokes are funny. when jokes are too easy, they're probably not funny. but then again, you probably loooove you local shock jock morning radio show. good for you, retard.
posted by not a retard at Thursday, January-31-2008 23:19pm

What can I say.

Seriously, some of you people need to pull tha carrot out of your butt.. Its a joke, and as for copyright, this is the internet. And I bet half of the copyright cry babies have a computer running pirated software, and they download music, but its ok, cause they only download now and then.

These pictures are a joke, learn to laugh you right wing fanatical fascist pigs. Your probably all Americans who bitch about their kids getting shot in school, yet have a loaded gun sitting in a f**king draw just in case someone tries to break in. Can anyone say f**king hypocrite?? That person you shoot breaking into your house is someones child too.

And to the c*ck jockey who thought it would be nice if these people got sued for breach of copyright, you could only be american, and no doubt some white trash freak living in a trailer park blaming the rest of the world because your too f*cking lazy to get off your ass and get a job.

Laugh people, it is the best medicine.

And quick thank you to "not a retard" for hitting the nail on the head.
posted by Aussie Bob. at Friday, February-01-2008 02:08am

My everything hurts

from laughing too hard :)
posted by Rob at Friday, February-01-2008 04:22am

Very good

I thought that these pictures were so funny. I thought the "hot to contain a a baby" one was the best. As for people making fun of others for making jokes, grow up. There is recognition at the bottom saying who the original authors were for the plagerist group and it is a joke. Lighten a bit up, no one whos reading this will actually go pick up a baby by its head.
posted by Maddy at Friday, February-01-2008 04:31am


looooooooooooool xD
posted by May. at Friday, February-01-2008 06:29am


that was tooo freaking hillarious, i'm passing that on! :clap:
posted by Guest at Friday, February-01-2008 14:38pm

Get Help!

It's a laugh! That's it!! You'll think it's funny or you wont. If it brings out a need to attack others, GET HELP NOW!!! You know who you are.
posted by What The F*** at Friday, February-01-2008 14:58pm


For those of you who didnt find it funny and want to post harsh words and cannot lighten up, is it because you have a guilty mind???????? hmmm. Has to make a person wonder. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Some just matter more than others.
posted by HMMM..... at Friday, February-01-2008 16:24pm

Funny vs fascinating

I found the pics hilarious and the commentary an interesting example of the tremendous range of homo sapiens out there. We all bring a lot of baggage to an experience.
posted by GeoLeo at Friday, February-01-2008 17:50pm

to the retard

theres 10 kinds of people here 1. im gunna list everone i had a problem with after reading there comment 2. get a life to everyone who wrote something other than that they liked the GD email. some people feel they have the need and the right to set someone straight or poke fun at them, which in turn probably made them the ugly fat kid in school as a kid or maybe there in school now. 3. all the people that said stop being so uptight LAUGH why i dont you let people have the opinion :wall: :wall:
posted by tree kisser at Friday, February-01-2008 18:26pm


:hand: :wall: :wall: :cool: :evil: :red: :red: :roll: :roll: :) :( :) :) :evil: :evil: :cry: :mad: :| :o :cry: :cool: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :think: :think: :think: :pray: :pray: :hand: :hand: :doh: :doh: :doh: :clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by Guest at Friday, February-01-2008 19:14pm

Some people need to laugh

I've seen a lot of people say these were sick, not funny and cruel. My words to that is learn to laugh because clearly you don't have a sense of humor. People like you remind me of movie critics who go to see movies to pick out the watch the movie to enjoy it. Same message applies to this page. So again, do us all a favor, get a sense of humor!!
posted by Unknown at Friday, February-01-2008 19:25pm


f***ING hilarious. My stomach hurts!!!!!
posted by Princessrachel at Friday, February-01-2008 20:32pm

Mr Tree Kisser

Speaking from experience are we? Maybe you should sort your feelings. I am sure you are beautiful somewhere on the inside.
posted by Hmmm at Friday, February-01-2008 21:10pm

Been one of those places

My boy was very inquisitive. We had those guards on all the outlets. he grabbed his grandma's keys and pried one out, then stuck the key in.

I am glad we do 110 voltage rather than 220 here.

Very good stuff. I lauged, and I am glad no one is that bad, that I have ever heard of.

Of course, leaving the kid in the hot car does happen too often, so aim glad that one wasn't there.
posted by The electrical one at Friday, February-01-2008 22:33pm

Cry babies everywhere

I can't believe how people are all bent over some pictures. They were meant to be a joke, they are funny, mission accomplished. And to all those who are bent about it coming from someone else, think of how many times a DAY you repeat something you have heard or seen before. This person simply visually relayed his message. Now that I think about it, most of the people upset are probably all worked up cause they are doing many of the "no"s and have no idea how to really raise a kid. I propose a solution: Let's all take in a big dose of reality and grow up a little.... :think:
posted by Nunya Bizznazz at Friday, February-01-2008 22:48pm


i don't care what you think it is funny... lighten up people :hand:
posted by bob at Friday, February-01-2008 22:56pm


what is this
posted by homie at Saturday, February-02-2008 03:51am


This made me smile. Babies are so precious to me that I would never think of this as serious. It isn't everyone's type of humour but I loved it. :D
posted by What a hoot! at Saturday, February-02-2008 07:22am

To Aussie Bob

1st of all I found this very funny. 2nd I cant believe you actually found a way to bring politics into this. Right wing fanatical fasciast pigs? LOL its obvious you dont even know what fascism is. And why the f*** would I worry about they guy breaking into my house being someone elses kid? HOLY SH*T what would you do? Just count yourself a victim? How shameful. Any man who does not accept the responsibity to protect their family and themselves is NOT a man. Its my job, my right and my GOD GIVEN responsibility as a husband and father to protect my wife and child WHATEVER it takes. I DO have a gun because I do love my family, and if "some one elses child" as you say breaks into my house I would grab my gun first for immediate protection then the phone. I dont know how fast police response time is in Australia but its not faster then a speeding bullet in the states yet. And in the states they dont always just want your TV. I cant believe you would worry about the guy who broke into your house enough to let YOUR OWN family in danger. If this makes me finatical in your eyes, then too bad for you, because i'll live longer.
posted by An American at Saturday, February-02-2008 07:53am

New Zealand friends jailed for baby in dryer

There was recently a case in New Zealand in which a bunch of people were jailed for hanging their friend's baby on the clothes line then spinning it around. They also put the child IN THE DRYER! Losers.
posted by Arthur at Saturday, February-02-2008 10:44am

oh my gosh

hmm one wonders, if the losers that think this is "sick" etc,why not switch to something else, i have kids and find it an insult for idiots to think you shouldnt laugh at this. Rather amusing.
posted by paul at Saturday, February-02-2008 13:18pm


This is absolutly hilarious and any one who doesnt think so can suck it.
posted by Aaron at Saturday, February-02-2008 14:15pm

U have got to be kidding me!!!

posted by lmfao at Saturday, February-02-2008 22:09pm

C'est trop crampant, a fesait longtemps que j'avais pas p*** dans mes culottes en riant comme a. C'est qui le fou qui fait ces dessins l?
posted by Charles at Saturday, February-02-2008 22:19pm


It's not only hilarious but also artistic!!! well i don't know anything about graphic design or anything but this work is really really awesome!!!

mexican greetings!! :clap:
posted by gEEEERa at Saturday, February-02-2008 22:39pm


if baby wants to chew on your old shoe, fine so long as you take out the laces first - and it might be a good idea to pop it in the washing machine first.
posted by sanjeev at Sunday, February-03-2008 14:34pm


hahahahahha thanks to this page i've laughed a lot :D
posted by Strider Hiryu at Sunday, February-03-2008 22:29pm

Omg, chill OUT



CMON! what is the BIG EFFING problem?! why do you have to rain on everyone's parade RANDOM guy on the internet? sure, i didn't p*** myself laughing but i thought it was funny, so yeah I don't see the reason to bring everyone who thought it was really funny down. i also don't see the reason why everyone had a big baby fest over the fact that NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER would ever do those things. ok, maybe some people, but still it was made to make people laugh, thats it. lastly, the #1 problem with the internet is people who correct the smallest problems in grammar, considering no one CARES. i know that there will be posts saying OMG what a dOUCH you are the reason that the internet fails GTFO directed at me, but so be it. you need to know that just because you are anonymous on the internet it doesn't mean that you are all powerful god, i'm not claiming to be. just CHILL OUT AND ENJOY THE BABY PICTURESSSSSSSSS
posted by Guest at Monday, February-04-2008 01:04am

I like this

I think this is a good site, i enjoyed looking at it, i think it may actually teach people some stuff about babies and how to care for them.
posted by Tiffany at Monday, February-04-2008 02:37am

posted by Abby at Monday, February-04-2008 05:09am


That baby is kicking that guys ass in chess.
posted by Anonymous at Monday, February-04-2008 05:42am

wow great tips

really so funny and usefull tips to caring kids so nice so funny great i dive it 10 marks out of 10 :clap: for kids and cartoon entrtianment i have visited a site i found gud live video channels on this link
posted by videolovers at Monday, February-04-2008 07:58am


wtf is 'lol indeed' ??
posted by Guest at Monday, February-04-2008 09:14am


globus is glad he found this on a dreary monday. thanks :)
posted by globus at Monday, February-04-2008 13:53pm


too late for #4
posted by Guest at Monday, February-04-2008 16:48pm

use of apostrophes

Actually, it is standard to plurarize words like "Do" and "Don't" with an apostrophe. These are words that are not normally used as nouns. Numbers are pluralized this way, too; e.g. 3's and 1990's.
posted by guest informant at Monday, February-04-2008 18:21pm


Okay, so some of these don'ts are actually being an extent. Some people prop their kids in front of tvs, maybe not attach one to the crib. Some people toss their kids as a game, maybe not newborns. Some people get a dried booger out of their kids' nose with their finger, just not by cramming their index finger in. I do find these very amusing. I'm a labor and delivery nurse, so I'm around people who have no idea what to do or not to do. I'm also around people that I really wouldn't put it past them to do some of these! So I'm especially tickled! One of our patients actually asked when they could give their newborn ketchup/mustard!!!
posted by For real! at Monday, February-04-2008 18:45pm

Play Gin Rummy and other rummy games online

This is sooooo funny!!
posted by Bob at Monday, February-04-2008 19:02pm


well funny, :clap: :evil:
posted by bridget at Monday, February-04-2008 20:48pm


Seriously some of you need to step back and read what you are writing, Besides that though everyone has their own opinion, what makes it so hard for you to accept anyone elses, but get offended and lash out when someone doesn't accept yours? :roll: I am really hoping that those who left stupid comments aren't grown adults.. :pray: I feel sorry for the world we live in today otherwise. I didn't think they were funny, a couple cute ones, but I didn't laugh out loud.. But even so, everyone is affected differently by a variety of things. Get a hobby, better yet, get a life. :doh:
posted by look at some of you at Monday, February-04-2008 22:41pm


i love this
posted by tori at Tuesday, February-05-2008 00:08am


ok i love this dude and his name is carson hes cute :red: :D :D
but am waiting to see how it goes :pray: but if it doesnt i will cry :cry: waa waa but am still thinking :think:
posted by nene (tori) at Tuesday, February-05-2008 00:15am


It's pretty funny, my only problem with it is that most seem to be backwards...
posted by God at Tuesday, February-05-2008 02:29am

respect pays

Joke aside (it really isnt' worth debating), you may consider dropping the foul language... it is in your interest to keep your words' respect and be heard by all, isn't it?

Gotta go--I have better things to do, like read to a child and change the world a bit. :roll:
posted by chris at Tuesday, February-05-2008 20:38pm


omg...these are hilarious! tfs
posted by Jessica Hood at Tuesday, February-05-2008 20:51pm


Who cares where it came from or how it was spelled... the point is that it was funny. i would have never seen this if it wasn't posted here.... so to whoever posted this... thanx, i had a good laugh! :clap:
posted by ~TrUeLyNaTiVe~ at Wednesday, February-06-2008 03:24am

Re: Been one of those places

220 or 110 makes no big difference. You should be glad that you have a RCD instead.
posted by JL at Wednesday, February-06-2008 04:35am


Funny. But some of these comments aren't.
"Only by no nothing cretins who haven't read a text book, or indeed any book. Please read Fowler's the King's English!!"
Awesome. This person is so offended by the improper use of apostrophes, and yet he or she does not know enough to realize it's "know-nothing." If you don't have a PhD in English yourself, please refrain from telling others how it should be done.
To Aussie Bob--
Please save yourself a little dignity and don't speak on subjects of which you are totally ignorant of. I can tell you've never been here, and the only understanding you probably have of America is from extreme leftist media. Don't generalize America--it's a vast, diverse country, so don't hate on us all for the attitudes of a few. But I do disagree with the point you made about the break-in--a person shouldn't be allowed to protect themselves in the threat of a violent crime? Even though I don't own a gun and never plan to get one, I'd sure as hell like to have one at that moment. Also, school shootings happen because mental health, especially in teenagers, is much ignored by American society. Yes, we need stricter gun control, but the mentality of the person pulling the trigger is the most important factor.
Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.
posted by off-topic, but... at Wednesday, February-06-2008 19:46pm


I almost got fired for laughing so hard. This is extremely hilarious and awesome.
posted by Gabriel at Wednesday, February-06-2008 21:24pm


why are people kicking off about this?? its a joke GET A SENCE OF HUMOR PEOPLE!!!
posted by gaylord at Thursday, February-07-2008 08:25am


hahaha that is great!!!!
its so so so funny!!! i cannot wait to show my husband when he gets home!!!!

posted by ow...super! at Friday, February-08-2008 14:22pm


Oh dear oh dear. So many of my fellow correspondents have a severe humour deficit, combined with an insufficient sane reality checker. Even if these decidedly silly 'bad' ways of handling a kid were for real, do you not have the ability to choose *not* to follow the instructions?

There is one that I disagree with - the one showing encouraging a small child to play chess (though it might be draughts, or perhaps to read...). Holding back a child's interest and learning *is* foolish. Though getting them hooked (like Bobby Fischer or the Polgars) is not so good.

Spelling - yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not even sure that the form don't's was used, but what the hell, so many people now do not understand or use apostrophes correctly. Just keep doing it right, sorry - correctly, yourselves.

As for piracy of copyright material, have the complainers not heard of 'fair use'? How many pages were used here, and what percentage of this is tit of the total number of pages. As a copyright owner myself, I tend to the view that any publicity is good publicity.

Forgetting your sense of humour is not good, especially when it is lost to dour criticisms. Smile!
posted by xavier at Friday, February-08-2008 14:41pm

Great Page!!

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! I've viewed it twice, and I still laugh so hard every time I see it! I think it's because I have kids of my own and it's just great to see an imagination go this far. It looks like there's a twist of todays society and some old wives tales mixed in here. Nothing sick. People need to not look so deeply and enjoy the humor! It's great, and thank you to whoever made this page for making so many of our days!! :D
posted by Mary at Saturday, February-09-2008 04:12am


I want to do the "don't"s for americans :clap:
posted by Hillary Clinton at Saturday, February-09-2008 16:42pm


i thought it was funny !!!! and i own a pre-school .. i'm going to print it out and but this in our staff room for my teacher's
posted by Guest at Saturday, February-09-2008 21:01pm

?? ??

? ???????:) :D
posted by Rinajamal at Saturday, February-09-2008 22:09pm

Ha ha

I am from Rassia. Very fanny:):):)
posted by Rinajamal at Saturday, February-09-2008 22:14pm


I AM SO LMFAOTH! :) :) :) :D :clap: :cool:
posted by Meepits at Sunday, February-10-2008 03:19am


Omg,thats pic's were hysterical,I just loved them!!
posted by Tracyjean at Sunday, February-10-2008 03:35am


Thats well funny :D .Dunno why every1s getting so stressed about it, its a joke!Seriously why would a man try and breast feed a baby or play chess with it lol..
posted by Amy at Tuesday, February-12-2008 19:36pm


Charles: c'tait dans un petit livre qui s'appelle Safe Baby Handling Tips par David and Kelly Sopp.
posted by Guest at Wednesday, February-13-2008 15:11pm


I laughed out loud so hard I'm crying. The air horn is awesome
posted by Chris at Thursday, February-14-2008 01:14am


For what it's worth, I thought this was pretty good. I have a two year old niece (not old enough to sensibly have a kid myself [don't want to]) and I think she'd giggle a lot if some of this was done to her. She seems to like cages, she likes to hang out in the dog's.

However, although I would never consider treating her this way, there are some of you that are really, really overreacting. Honestly, have a little faith in the human race enough to laugh at the examples of rare stupidity. I'm afraid that the aforementioned people are going to have heart attacks before they're in their thirties or higher.

Laugh, it's good for you!
posted by Sarah at Thursday, February-14-2008 01:15am

yeesh, lighten people

i sent this to everyone i know who has kids and every one of them thanked me for the laugh. if you seriously think these jokes are sick, then you are being way too self-important.

air horn and guy licking formula are my favorites!
posted by pusl2000 at Thursday, February-14-2008 03:20am


I think they got the do's and don'ts mixed up.
posted by Jay at Thursday, February-14-2008 11:40am


:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
posted by Guest at Thursday, February-14-2008 14:05pm

new dads

take note of the title lol
well lulz :clap:
posted by Guest at Friday, February-15-2008 11:39am


posted by NOMAWETHU at Friday, February-15-2008 15:23pm


fokio :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
posted by Guest at Friday, February-15-2008 23:30pm

stupid people

people need to get a life! complaining about everything. sad really. this was funny. although, the one about checking a diaper...have ya ever tried the correct way on a too squirmy kid? it can quickly turn into doing it the wrong way if you are not careful!
posted by me at Saturday, February-16-2008 04:32am


there's a lot funny s*** available on net, this one's doing its bit to make people giggle. nice to watch... see some more through the link :D
posted by cipher at Saturday, February-16-2008 10:23am


That s*** is so funny. I lov it.=] :clap:
posted by babgurl54 at Saturday, February-16-2008 18:40pm

Just plain funny!

I don't care where it came from! I think that this is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. I needed a good laugh! It made me laugh so hard I started coughing and almost didn't make it to the bathroom to potty! Too funny. Cheers!
posted by Guest at Sunday, February-17-2008 00:09am


I really wish this was around when I was a young parent. Like most, I had my kids when I was a kid (22 when I had my first), and had not clue.
Yes, I gave my kids booze. Yes, I put them in the dryer. Yes, I put them in the basket at tht grocery store and threw stuff on them. But WHO KNEW that I was making a mistake? Anyway, three of my five kids survived their childhood, so I wasn't that bad. But I'll pass this list onto them for sure!
posted by Zip Goshboots at Sunday, February-17-2008 14:56pm


:evil: bahaha. funnnny :]
posted by BLOOP. at Monday, February-18-2008 03:55am

Thank god I saw this in time...

Im pregnant and I am really glad that I saw this before I had my baby otherwise it wouldnt have last its first month..
Thank you.
p.s Zip Goshboots, you did well getting 3 out of 5 kids through their childhood, I mean -how should you have known... :D
posted by Icelandic girl at Monday, February-18-2008 17:40pm

TO An American

WOW. The only thing you really had issue with was your right to have a loaded gun. You obviously agree with my comments about white trash, and yet you never even raised an eyebrow about my comments about kids being shot in school because parents had loaded guns in the house, so you agreed with it all, but still want to give your child the chance to shoot their school mates. How patriotic of you.
Here in Australia we don't let the average yahoo own guns and leave them in drawers next to a box of a ammo because we understand that a bullet in the chest is not that good for your health. We have a far lower gun related crime that America could ever hope to have. And I don't have to worry that my child going to school might get shot because some idiot parent left their "protection" in the kitchen drawer. And the intruders in Australia generally don't have guns, because of the these same laws. I have always protected my family, and we had an intruder a few months ago and I didn't need a gun to protect my family from the 15 year old who was trying to steal my xbox. But maybe I am wrong, maybe I should live in America, so I could have pulled out a gun and shot that kid. If your child winds up in harms way and there is a gun involved, you might look back on this harmless little post in the internet and remember "God, Aussie bob was right" or you might not even think about and say "why did I ever leave that gun in the kitchen drawer" Either way, you will still be one of those stupid people I talked about before.. Have a nice day. :D
posted by Aussie Bob at Monday, February-18-2008 22:01pm


i'm ugly
posted by at Tuesday, February-19-2008 14:14pm

Great stuff!

Brilliant, very funny. I'm about to become an aunty for the first time, this book would make the perfect present for my brother and his wife - especially as he is likely to do many of the don'ts! :)
posted by Rosie at Tuesday, February-19-2008 22:58pm


its hilarious :clap: :wall: :)
thanks for sharing :clap:
posted by pooja at Wednesday, February-20-2008 06:28am

Great Stuff

I laughed till I cryed looking at this stuff, its truly HILLARIOUS. :clap:
posted by Anonymoose at Wednesday, February-20-2008 18:03pm


totally awesome, i'm still laughing
posted by Synbios at Wednesday, February-20-2008 23:40pm

Poo Poo Head

Too effin funny! PPL need to lighten up, it's a fricken joke. Laughter keeps ya young. Lighten up, LYAO!
posted by Yer Boo at Thursday, February-21-2008 16:55pm


I can't believe some of you people! It's a frickin e-mail ... it's funny! Why do people have to get all political and LIBERAL about a stupid little forward? I don't give a s*** what book it came from or who sent it to me or what hidden meanings there are ... I'M A MOTHER, IT'S A FUNNY E-MAIL, END OF STORY!
posted by El at Thursday, February-21-2008 19:05pm


whoever came up with this idea....!!!!!!! Genious... hahahaha.. so funny... :clap:
posted by Alka at Friday, February-22-2008 06:52am

Great guide

This is a great idea, now i can be a good father jajaj but i will dry the baby into a machine is the only way :D
posted by josito at Friday, February-22-2008 09:26am


I am a bum! :(
I have a 3 dollar home. :(
posted by Vesa at Friday, February-22-2008 19:08pm


My wife sent it to me and im very agree, also i will follow those instructions :D
posted by efra at Saturday, February-23-2008 16:22pm

my ten pence worth

I was trying to avoid being suckered into joining the debate, but it is both funny and slightly addictive.
Yes, the picutres displayed were funny, yet nothing compares to the lengthy responses and critisisms of each others' literacy competance.
The true humour can be effected by reading each comment and appreciating the need for 'one upmanship' in the formation of the best paragraph or analysis of other''''''s diction.
good god! now i'm at it! (and yes I have included some spelling/grammar mistakes for your critical eye) well said 'chillout'
posted by english stu at Saturday, February-23-2008 16:30pm

2nd Amendment Advocate

To Aussie Bob:
The reason the common bloke in Australia can't get a gun stems from the history of the place as a penal colony for felons that did not fit anywhere else. Our Constitution provides our ability to have as many weapons as we want, for whatever reason we want, unless, of course we are felons, foreigners or domestic criminals. Why don't you get a life and go back to porking 'roos, shucking koalas or whatever it is you do for a hobby. No wonder they call Australia the land down under. It's telling of your facist, gun fearing phobia and your utopian belief that the neighor kid shouldn't be shot for putting my family's life at risk..
No worries, that s**t was FUNNY.
posted by Heston at Saturday, February-23-2008 18:06pm


posted by hibiki13 at Tuesday, February-26-2008 16:41pm

Bitch, whine, moan...stfu

See, I can leave annoying buzz killing comments one can simply laugh at something anymore and move the f*** on it seems. Take your f***ing thumb out of your mouths you babies. If the writers give a damn, they'll do something about it.

Don't be a douch about funny s***!
posted by Guest at Wednesday, February-27-2008 03:42am


This is HILARIOUS!!!!! :D :D :D :wall: :wall:
posted by Badandon at Wednesday, February-27-2008 13:18pm

RE: Ignorance

It's scary to me that there are people in the world who A) Don't understand the rules of subject-verb agreement (i.e., singular objects use is, plural objects use are) and B) that people take these things so seriously... Come on, guys... They're supposed to be a JOKE. :o
posted by Guest at Thursday, February-28-2008 02:50am


ai sim hein!!!!
posted by kkk at Thursday, February-28-2008 20:10pm

it's a joke. they aren't serious.

i posted this as a bulletin one time and my friend thought i'd gotten hacked. i guess some people don't get that they aren't serious. uhhh.
posted by Guest at Friday, February-29-2008 04:58am

To all you dumb sh*ts

To all of you who are having a bitch for the sake of bitching. Please, shut the f**k up. Grow up.
Aussie Bob, leave the poor Americans alone. Every one knows the average IQ in america is 99 ( this was statically proven by an american study). For those of you who are American, 99 is not "almost 100%" its actually just below average. So you lot should stop the bitching too. Yes you have a might military force, but you also have 60 times the average rate of friendly fire for any military group in the world. Thats not so good. For a country that loves its guns, perhaps you should learn to shoot them before you go around the world using them on yourselves. And as for the spelling and stuff, Americans cannot spell. English is the language you write and speak, yet you bastardise it at every chance you get. its COLOUR not color.. Anyway, the pictures were funny, but all your comments since have been far far funnier.
Aussie Aussie Aussie - OI OI OI. !!!!
Goodnight people.. !
posted by Random Aussie at Friday, February-29-2008 06:00am

calm down!!!

wow all these comments about grammer, plagiarism, "this is so not right, i didnt find it funny!"

ummm can you say buzz kill??? i was laughing so hard and then started reading the comments and was like dang lighten up!!! seriously, if you have nothing better to do go apply for jobs as an activist, or editor, or whatever else you could do that would actually serve a purpose! huh, thanks!!! :hand:
posted by chill out! at Friday, February-29-2008 06:10am

GR 8 PICS !!!! LOL..

woh ! gr8 pics and fuuny too.. I really liked dose.. :D :D
posted by SAYAN at Friday, February-29-2008 18:33pm


This is just excelent!
posted by Joey at Friday, February-29-2008 22:05pm

Dumh ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The was the stupidest thing ever and I me EVER what cind of sick person would joke about that baby what kind of retarded person would'ent even know how to handel a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wall: :evil: :( :hand:
posted by you dont need to know freaks at Saturday, March-01-2008 04:02am


OMG, this is hilarious!!

And I don't get why other countries try to start pointless fights with Americans.
posted by bleh at Saturday, March-01-2008 09:50am

you stank

you stank :red:
posted by fg at Sunday, March-02-2008 22:49pm


This was neither sick or funny to me...just giggles outta me :wall:
posted by Liz at Tuesday, March-04-2008 10:08am

oh dear

oh god that was bad :wall: :doh: :pray: :cry:
posted by shannen jones at Tuesday, March-04-2008 19:19pm


Love the airhorn!
posted by soldier4788be at Thursday, March-06-2008 18:33pm

haha i love you all

this is amazing, all these comments are far more amusing than the actuall thing awaaaaay up at the top!! all i can say is go ausie bob go!!! i agree with everything you said im not going to add a thing xx
posted by wombat at Friday, March-07-2008 02:17am

milkmen, male breastfeeding

check it out :)
posted by james at Sunday, March-09-2008 09:14am

Quebec is number#1

Quebec is a better place to live them the U.S; nobody is scared of getting shot by a idiot redneck that can't even tell the diference between danger and provocation
posted by Someone that live in Quebec at Sunday, March-09-2008 22:24pm

Whatever it is, Quebec is NOT #1

Hey, Quebecer, before you put down the U.S. as a place to live, remind yourself that on December 6, 1989, a Quebecer shot 28 people, killing 14, at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, QUEBEC. That went down in history as the Montreal Massacre. Check it out on Wiki:

That is the guy that all these nutcake shooters in the U.S. are emulating. Any time something like that happens, it points the finger at QUEBEC. How can anyone feel safe there?
posted by Vermonter at Tuesday, March-11-2008 01:20am


Since when did wikipedia become a credible source? I'm an American, but you shouldn't argue when using wiki as a source. If I can create my own page full of nonsense, than someone else can do the same with whatever subject they want. That is why there is an edit tab at the top of pages. :doh:
posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-11-2008 17:14pm


Isn't every Australian supposed to be laid back- a "go with the flow" sort? Generalization... indeed.
posted by Guest at Wednesday, March-12-2008 08:35am


:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
posted by Guest at Sunday, March-16-2008 17:46pm

if u think that was funny...check this out, too!
posted by at Monday, March-17-2008 02:35am


I must say I laughed about as hard as I can at work when I saw these pictures. I'm not even sure if they were supposed to be funny, hehe.
posted by Justin at Wednesday, March-19-2008 23:52pm


Watch out for the grammar police. They'll arrest you and charge you with being a git.... How original on the internet war, can't you find something better to do with your time other than wank off to good grammar?

BTW funny as hell, glad someone put in the author information.
posted by Guest at Thursday, March-20-2008 11:10am

Professional Insulter.

The sad thing is that this is the extent to which Democrats and liberals feel the government needs to go to explain every possible situation to the public. We have become a society without common sense, dependent on legislators to ordain our steps and actions.
posted by Chuck at Thursday, March-20-2008 19:21pm


WTF, that stuff was funny as i dont know what.
posted by Leonel at Thursday, March-20-2008 21:04pm


:clap: lol so funny :clap:
posted by your name goes here at Friday, March-21-2008 00:10am


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by cecil at Friday, March-21-2008 00:12am

i liked it

i thoght it was really good but somthings people dont do it it like that for a babie u shuold put som that people or parentd might do thats wrong not put ther baby in a fish tank no 1 would do that :mad:
posted by miralda at Sunday, March-23-2008 20:43pm


:clap: :clap: :clap:
:clap: :hand: :doh: :clap: :clap: :mad: :roll:
posted by Guest at Wednesday, March-26-2008 01:02am


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwssssssssso mmmm :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
posted by Guest at Wednesday, March-26-2008 01:06am

can't stop laughing

are those americans for real?
the pictures were funny but the comments are so much funnier
posted by rofl at Wednesday, March-26-2008 11:58am

da beep

:clap: :doh: :mad: :red: :cool: :wall: :hand: :roll: :) :roll: :mad: :o :o :o :o :o :o :wall:
posted by beep at Sunday, March-30-2008 16:50pm


my head hurts from laughing and when i fell off my chair and hit the floor. my sides still hurt. :clap: :D
posted by Kyle at Sunday, March-30-2008 21:02pm


OMG this is so hilarious !!
posted by za3tar at Sunday, March-30-2008 22:52pm


heeey it's very very very nice and very funny :D :D :D :D :D OMG thats f*** :D :D :D that babies are so amazing oh wow wow :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
posted by Eve at Monday, March-31-2008 17:07pm


There was a lady selling t-shirts with these pics on them at a garage sale. She said she made them herself using transfer paper. Of course I bought a few for my one year old.
posted by chad at Tuesday, April-01-2008 14:47pm


hello goodbye
posted by yo momma at Wednesday, April-02-2008 18:58pm


Wow some of these things my husband would do for the hell of it :D lol not really. It was really funny and cute. I loved it :D :clap: :doh:
posted by Jen at Thursday, April-03-2008 03:59am


hahah..farnnie guide.....
posted by OMG? at Thursday, April-03-2008 11:27am

Even Australia has stupid people.

These two Australians obviously don't know anything about America. Flame away, whatever makes you feel better about getting drunk and wrestling crocodiles in a mostly barren wasteland founded by criminals. Oh my, did I just make some ignorant assumptions? Oops. Many people are taking themselves way to seriously here. For crying out loud, it's humor.
posted by American at Thursday, April-03-2008 14:54pm

Jerry Springer: Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

I thought these were very very very funny. Sadly, some of this really does happen, but I'd rather have people laughing about it rather than out there doing it. It may not be funny to some, understood, and that's fine. But we don't need to show our harsh sides when that is what we're shaking our heads to. As long as WE know it's a joke, there is no harm done on our side. At least they are not using the cartoons to joke about telling ppl to do the wrong way of things. That wouldn't be so funny.... the end.
posted by MyHeadHurts at Thursday, April-03-2008 16:50pm

This made my day!!

I dont usaully comment onthe net but that was pure comedy! I can't fathom how people could be offended by this, Im guessing it struck an all too personal note with them.
As for the copyright/plagarism issue - Kudos for including the books information - but your on the internet people, where information should be free! *Especially useful info like this!! :D
posted by Roro at Thursday, April-03-2008 17:32pm

neither offensive nor particularly funny

i can't believe i'm actually bothering to comment, to be honest
posted by harry at Friday, April-04-2008 23:47pm

The Shape of Things to Come

Oh man, I can't stop laughting... :)
posted by Gee at Monday, April-07-2008 21:13pm


Societies work well when differing points of view are possible. I eat meat but I respect committed vegans, and I am always surprised when someone claims that they are right and the rest of us are not. History suggests that such claims are rarely substantiated over time prime examples are McCarthyism, Communism, Prohibition, Apartheid and the Flat Earth Society.

I have lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Japan, PNG, Nigeria and Australia in each place I've found that being open to the opinions of others never prevented me from holding true to my own values and beliefs.

I personally thought the "Do's and Don'ts" were hilarious.
posted by Larry at Sunday, April-13-2008 14:05pm


After reading so many of the comments, it comes to my attention that people are fairly idiotic and fearful - these images made me laugh SO loud, and I loved their somewhat bizarre, subversive humor. I am a father, and I am into raising kids as far from society's curtain of fear-mongering restrictions and policies and safeguards as possible. The western world is a society that thrives on fear through ignorance - I'm not party to that. We need more humor like this to keep people smiling...well done!!
posted by M.P. at Sunday, April-13-2008 16:04pm

Great stuff!

Don't really know quite how people got to arguing on this place of all places on the net, but so much conjecture has been made - Aussie Bob thinks that because the kid who broke into his house didn't have a gun, none of them do - well, there's something called a black market and the gun licensing we legislated here following the Port Arthur Massacre (still is the largest gun-massacre in the world by one individual) hasn't taken ALL our guns away, as is the misconception, so it's quite easy to get a pistol, shotgun, rifle or any other semi-automatic weapon if you know the right people. Oh, and the right to bear arms was never in our constitution as it is in the American constitution, so changing that over there isn't something that could happen as quickly as it did here, assuming you could account for the roughly 250 million firearms there as well... And to the other Aussie saying that Americans have IQs of 99 - one study saying something like that, no matter how many people the researchers surveyed - doesn't PROVE anything. Oh, and pointing out that they have the highest friendly fire rate in the world - it comes across as if you're making a mockery out of peoples' deaths. That horrible statistic is not related to how "smart" the people handling the weapons are at all, but to their training, which is not necessarily the fault of the individual (often weapon malfunction is to blame). To the Americans here - good on you for standing up for yourselves, you guys get the butt-end of a lot of Anti-American sentiment and the vast majority of you don't deserve it as you are a wonderful nation some 300+ million strong. Australia is a nation of only 20 or so million people and I assure you that most Australians aren't as self-righteous and misinformed as the ones here. These arrogant Aussies will not give creedence to anyone else's opinions. One doesn't need to agree with people, just respect their opinion for what it is - an opinion. When you argue on the basis of facts, as I have done, you maintain your credibility and integrity instead of arguing on people's attitudes and opinions (which can be as ridiculous as anyone deems necessary). Reverting to the original topic - Let's enjoy some oddball humour and have a good time, yeah? I actually saw the nappy one (checking the baby's nappy with one's hand) on a brand of nappies, though I can't recall where or whether it was a joke. Still, I laughed until my nose bled. Have a good night/day/etcetera, all!
posted by Another Australian (like that somehow changes anything) at Sunday, April-13-2008 18:13pm


Thanks for the best laugh I've had all week!
posted by Sherri at Wednesday, April-16-2008 06:02am

Grammar Nazis

you obviously understood the message they were trying to convey, so therefore they succeeded, regardless of the method they used. don't be so petty, they are not writing a manual on how to write in english.

just because you have nothing more important in your lives than to criticise other people, you are sad. but on the bright side, people like you make me laugh!!!
posted by ade at Wednesday, April-16-2008 20:11pm

Super funny

aww thats the funniest thing ever... :doh: :clap:
posted by Hanna at Tuesday, April-22-2008 19:48pm

More funny images like this...

Theses books are so funny.... you can see another one here :
posted by toastedganja at Saturday, April-26-2008 14:05pm


I can honestly say that most of the American people I have grown up with (including myself) have never had the mind of drying their child in a Dryer!!

***thinks*** ...."hhhmmm", "Was that a Kenmore or a Maytag?"
posted by Marky Mark at Sunday, April-27-2008 18:54pm


Watching, or should I say reading these diverse of comments is almost more enjoyable than the picture itself! HA! What was meant to be a opinion about the picture has turned into an pointless, over-exaggerated, argument that really doesn't even matter! haha but of course, some guy is going to make a comment on how stupid or idiotic my statement was and continue this pointless cycle... It is still quite funny, (the comments i mean) but c'mon everybody, don't waste your time bickering and contending with people you might not even know over something that makes no more of a difference than the hair growing on the back of your grandmother's neck. Please, just leave it only.... for your own sake. If you have something to say about the picture then say it, you are entitled to your opinion, but just leave it at that.
posted by Menelik II at Monday, April-28-2008 02:12am

....P.S. (to above)

and props to my man chris at Tuesday, February-05-2008, thank you for keeping it real.
posted by Menelik II at Monday, April-28-2008 02:15am

cartoon plagerism.......

dude.....that guy who is crying about plagerism needs to shoot himself in the face.......please.....go fall asleep and dont wake up...your f***in stupid.

these cartoons KICK ASS!!!! your awesome.....that guy is a pussy.
posted by seattle ninja at Monday, April-28-2008 14:42pm

Cyrpus Dude

That was raflmoa! its hilarious :P
posted by Cyrpus Dude at Friday, May-02-2008 14:47pm


posted by Antonio at Friday, May-02-2008 20:17pm


Anyone who takes this too seriously and can't appreciate the satire is a LOSER. This is so damned funny and I have a six month old and a sixteen year-old at home. I knew something was odd about my husband trying to nurse our new baby...
posted by Jennifer at Saturday, May-03-2008 00:41am


jajajajajajajjaj =P
posted by Rocio at Sunday, May-04-2008 04:43am


:red: :red: :think: :doh: :clap:
posted by Guest at Sunday, May-04-2008 12:45pm

toyota tundra

Wow. Hahaha, thank you :D
posted by toyota tundra at Wednesday, May-07-2008 07:50am


Ugh just stop yelling @ ppl!!!!!!!
posted by Amy at Sunday, May-11-2008 04:01am



posted by CHARLIE at Monday, May-12-2008 14:05pm


those dumb people :wall: :roll:
posted by waz upz at Sunday, May-18-2008 00:42am


brb, ill comment later
posted by james at Sunday, May-18-2008 00:43am


how do you get the backwards d ?
posted by mandy at Sunday, May-18-2008 00:44am


its called a B :roll: :roll:
posted by hannah at Sunday, May-18-2008 00:45am


:clap: :doh: :pray: :hand: :think: :wall: :D :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :| :red: :roll: :) :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by awesome at Sunday, May-18-2008 16:24pm


omfg, that was so funny! specially the baby in the cage :) !! can't stop laughing! thanks for making my day :D
posted by kiljanettew at Wednesday, May-21-2008 12:55pm

Wow Lookin' the Bigotry

Holy crap when did this become a racist, anti-american hate machine?

To the Aussies who are bigots: Holy Jew on Stick? Who asked for your opinion about Americans? Save or ethical supperiorty for exterminating the Aborginals
posted by The Bard at Wednesday, May-21-2008 20:14pm


funny aliitle pplz lightin up some :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o
posted by ananymouse at Tuesday, May-27-2008 22:35pm


posted by aa at Saturday, May-31-2008 17:28pm


posted by hum at Tuesday, June-03-2008 21:03pm


they are sooo funny they made me ROFL XD :D
posted by Master Chief at Saturday, June-07-2008 10:46am

A Book By Dennis Kucinich

I, too, find the comments to this lovely post to be almost, if not exceedingly, entertaining. I would like to share with you a piece of my personal favorite:

"To the Americans here - good on you for standing up for yourselves, you guys get the butt-end of a lot of Anti-American sentiment ... " - 'Another Australian (like that somehow changes anything)'
Because anti-American sentiment is aimed towards the French, of course.
posted by Christopher Walken '08 at Tuesday, June-10-2008 03:23am


Wow there are a lot of people posting here the have rods up their arses.

This is really funny!

This blog was the first place I learned about the book from this post so many placing the images was technically plagiarism, but it is also publicity. I forward this think to a bunch of friends, who loved it also and will also forward the link to more friends, so I the end this teaser from the book is going to create profit and popularity for the book.

This is a fun site so keep light hearted people!
posted by chh at Wednesday, June-11-2008 03:23am

muito legal

adorei esse manual, fico muito legal. deveriam fazer um com a amazonia braleira :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
posted by at Friday, June-13-2008 05:30am


Eu concordo. Entretanto, no achei to engraado como a maioria dos caras a em cima... humor um tanto extramente simplrio, no acham? Adequado para americanos, talvez?
posted by at Friday, June-13-2008 08:13am


erm... Tudo bem, Another Australian deve ter razo... nem todos os americanos devem ser burros, certo? Desculpem-me pela generalizao.
posted by at Friday, June-13-2008 08:44am


To the Dad with a gun, I agree with Aussie Bob. Ther eis no need for a gun to be in the home EVER !!!!! You sir are an ASS !!!
posted by How Dumb at Tuesday, June-17-2008 19:15pm

pudding tooth rock

I like pie yes i do i like pie how bout you?
posted by crap heads at Monday, June-23-2008 04:46am


Wow, now I know, I always went for 2 before! Nice pic, did you create it? I'm impressed if you did...
posted by Jeremy G. at Wednesday, June-25-2008 15:08pm


Good grief! I cant believe the stupidity of some people. These hints and tips are presented in a very tongue in cheek fashion. I cant believe that some people actually take offence. Lighten up and develope a sense of humour!
posted by Dee at Friday, July-04-2008 14:50pm


hahahaha this is freakin hilarious! scared someone might actually do this!
posted by Tuni & G at Tuesday, July-08-2008 19:32pm


this is what brittany spears needs. :doh:
posted by toni at Tuesday, July-08-2008 21:27pm


this is what brittany spears needs. :doh:
posted by toni at Tuesday, July-08-2008 21:27pm


posted by JLWzYZZqculJXW at Friday, July-11-2008 19:27pm


Hey that was really funny, at same time informative.
posted by Aparana Chauhan at Tuesday, July-15-2008 11:58am

que estupidez!!!

ni gracia tiene.. nde barbaro!
posted by gi at Monday, July-28-2008 15:34pm


jeez, with all the controversy I barely had time to play chess with my baby (who is drunk and crammed in my bottom draw as I write this).
posted by james at Sunday, August-03-2008 01:09am

Real Birth TV

Funny Berliner couple shares their pregnancy with online videos.
posted by erik at Saturday, August-09-2008 05:24am


das ist so lpsch gemacht.
kranker kopf der erfinder :wall: :wall: :wall:
posted by muhkuh at Monday, August-11-2008 23:00pm


For the pesron who wrote this, "You can be funny without being crass or in poor taste...not funny." I have a tip and this goes for all of you humorless retards who keep complaining. Take the stick out of your ass that's making you sooooo uncomfortable and LAUGH!!!!!! For crap sake it's a joke get it? Jeeze! :wall:
posted by Guest at Tuesday, August-12-2008 07:39am


:D That Was So Hilarious I Could'nt belive my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ANGELICA at Monday, September-22-2008 00:27am


:D That Was So Hilarious I Could'nt belive my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ANGELICA at Monday, September-22-2008 00:27am

bebek bakımı, bebek sağlığı, bebek besleme, anne ve bebek rehberi

Until I read this, I was a dont parent. Thank you so much for posting this; Ignorance is sometimes very dangerous it would seem.

Gotta runtime to blowdry the cat.
posted by bebek bakımı at Tuesday, October-07-2008 13:05pm

comic but right pictures . . .

comic but right pictures . . .

Exercising Baby . . . :clap: ı'm lovin it . . . :D
posted by kraft at Monday, October-13-2008 08:53am

comic but right pictures . . .

comic but right pictures . . .

Exercising Baby . . . :clap: ı'm lovin it . . . :D
posted by kraft at Monday, October-13-2008 08:54am

What the hell?

LOL! Quebecs, Americans and Aussies fighting. Just LOL.
At least i'm half Scottish half Italian.
Xtremely Scottish and Italian. Cue the Smiles!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :wall:
posted by The Half Scottish Half Italian Man at Friday, November-28-2008 08:13am

pangea splits

man lands on moon
posted by titanic sinks at Sunday, November-30-2008 17:18pm


posted by slappy at Sunday, November-30-2008 17:21pm

Very Funny

"Making Baby Smile"

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! This was HILARIOUS!
posted by Jeannie at Thursday, December-11-2008 21:18pm

The dos and donts were funny. But the comments, now they were hilarious!
posted by It's Just Me! at Saturday, December-13-2008 00:27am


This was hilarious!!! Wish those who have nothing nice to say would bugger off.
posted by Kay at Wednesday, December-24-2008 18:07pm

haha, that was great

i just found out i was prego and yeah, it's sick, but funny as hell.

:wall: and as for all you people who wasted your time bashing this guy for no refrance or whatever you're hatin on, go get laid. i just have to point out the internet is, as a whole, is an annonamas sorce.... you really have nothing better to do? :wall:

still, this put the smile on my face i needed, and thank you for posting!!! great stuff.
posted by yelli at Saturday, December-27-2008 03:32am


it is funny.

posted by haha at Wednesday, December-31-2008 06:07am


that was so cool not bitch :evil:
posted by dillon at Saturday, January-03-2009 19:05pm


there are some funny people out there to come up with this light hearted sense of humor!! Keep up the good work I think this is the best. I guess ill return the rabit cage and get a bed or somthin, my boys gettin too big for the cage anyway!!! LOL at that ! :wall:
posted by Danny Stuart at Sunday, January-04-2009 00:17am

Online eBook Download

LOOOOOOL.. Amazing, thanks..
posted by Raphael at Sunday, January-04-2009 22:21pm


man please this is funny and just someone trying to make ur day better but u @$$ holes have to ruin it with all this bull crap yeah they made a mistake but they fixed it and their wrong is righted so leave them alone ok some people need to read this their are people out their that are stupid enough to do some of those things i know of a girl who had her kids took away because she duct taped her babys pacifier to his mouth because he wanted it but she didnt want to keep puttin it back in his mouth so shut up and laugh its not real its drawn no one actually did this to the babys u idiots :wall: :hand: :doh: :o :roll:
posted by stephanie at Monday, January-05-2009 05:48am


Yeah luv the tip mite help people when there all grown up if u no what i mean!!! :D
posted by yoli at Thursday, January-08-2009 23:58pm


:cool: :pray:
posted by Guest at Friday, January-09-2009 01:56am


To anyone here posting how this is not funny please go be soccer moms elswhere or bring it up at your next parent group. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!
posted by Goon at Thursday, January-22-2009 17:24pm


Hope we know the essence of peace. Let us not fight with each other. God teaches us the humility and gentleness and to love one another. Sometimes we can't blame other people but ourselves because of our tongue. It is one of the smallest part of our body but it can destroy a person. So lets tame it.
posted by jeptah at Sunday, February-08-2009 08:32am


it was ok nothin more ok gotta run c u l8r g8rs :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think:
posted by Guest at Monday, February-09-2009 11:34am


:o I hate babies.. (:
posted by MeBitch[: at Sunday, February-15-2009 01:08am

@ Peace

God Pfft. I don't believe in magic. Now f*** off with your cliched retorts
posted by Buck at Tuesday, February-17-2009 14:26pm


posted by Jota Hesse at Tuesday, February-17-2009 16:02pm


posted by DirtySocksintheSinkk at Monday, February-23-2009 21:57pm

If you meen it

I had a blast. Thank you. To all of the little kids fighting tell us where you live so an adult can go to your house and put you it the conner. Corpus Christi T.X. :D
posted by Gary Pleasant II at Wednesday, February-25-2009 05:49am


lmao this is the funniest thing i ever seen in my whole life and i seen a lot of stuff. :clap: :o
posted by Guest at Monday, March-02-2009 18:12pm


jocy_whos idea was this this is hillarios
mary_always do the right thing not the bad!!!

ps jocy is better :hand: :hand: :hand: :hand: :hand: :hand: :hand: :hand:
posted by jocy&mary at Saturday, March-07-2009 01:05am


mary is better :| :| :| :| :cry: :cry: :cry: :) :) :) :( :( :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: i had to say it
posted by jocy at Saturday, March-07-2009 01:08am

Gut-busting Fun

I haven't laughed that hard in a while. The chicken leg in the baby's face is too funny, and the mom having coffee with her baby is priceless. Now, I'm interested in the book.
posted by Julie at Monday, March-09-2009 16:20pm

No Humor?

As I absolutely love my own kids, I'm able to see from a gentle parent's perspective the humor in the above...and quite clearly see that the occasional comments where people didn't find them funny at all...well...maybe wait a while before having your own. You should be able to stand the above and understand that it's funny because you would never do it, while drawing out of you how much you love them even more. It reminds me--just a little bit--of people who react to taboo topics because they're actually worried they might be part of the target group, and that *is* troubling.

Wait...was I accidentally serious? What I meant to say was: You're sick! Sick, I tell you! (lol)
posted by Passing Through at Tuesday, March-10-2009 09:24am

RE: No Humor?

Kudos for your comment Passing Through. I agree 110% with you. I also found this entertaining as I too have children and wouldn't dream of doing anything to harm them. Lighten up people
posted by Loving Mom of Two at Tuesday, March-10-2009 11:30am

to all whiners

the internet isn't covered under copyright law :clap:
posted by legalbrain at Wednesday, March-11-2009 07:57am

how are babby formd

posted by BVG at Wednesday, March-11-2009 13:27pm


Gah,you people are idiots. It was FUNNY. It's not like people are really doing that. It's just a humorous cartoon. Chill out. I liked it.

posted by boob at Wednesday, March-11-2009 20:02pm

innapropriate and immoral

I feel that these images are completely innapropriate. By posting these images we are subconciously teaching our youth that these harmful practices should not be taken seriously. This just points to the deterioration of morals in . . . . . . .Okay, i was just kidding. These were damn funny. And by the way, distribution of material this way is probably the best form of advertising. My guess is sales of this book has gone up after this was posted.
posted by Morality at Wednesday, March-11-2009 22:30pm

who cares

f**k you and your babies, who cares about plagerism, wahhh i'm a faggot adult wahhhh someone stole someobne elses idea wahhhh. who gives a sh*T. really what does it matter to your life.... h that's right it doesnt. Because we are a mouse fart in time. nothing right now matters really. None of you mean or make a difference. Sorry you aren't powerfull enough to. Waahhhhh someone copied some pictures. ,,,,, Who the f*ck really cares. Do something with your lives. Pathetic.
posted by you all are poons at Thursday, March-12-2009 03:21am

Cool Pics!

These baby picturess are great, thanks for shaing :)
posted by Cool Stuff at Thursday, March-12-2009 13:09pm


Ill print this out and look at it in 10 years when I actually give a sh*t about kids. Until then I'm gonna continue to get drunk and have unprotected sex with a bunch of bar sluts that are dirtier than a politicians paper shredder.
posted by Juice at Wednesday, March-18-2009 18:57pm


:clap: :D :cool: :) that was f****** hilarious
posted by me at Thursday, March-19-2009 03:14am


how mean are they. i mean cumon. ho wud do dat to a baby.
posted by omg at Monday, March-23-2009 18:04pm

oh wow

oh wow some of my main thing you know what im saying telling the kids not to hold that certent way and they still do i love my children and i wouldent let anyone do the donts wow cool website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bubblecat at Tuesday, March-24-2009 11:38am

Not Bad

I am not a parent but hey i know that the donts are obious but lots of the good points i did not know for example baby exercise? so I does actually teach some good stuff.
posted by Guest at Thursday, March-26-2009 22:41pm


posted by f at Thursday, April-02-2009 12:52pm


mene su odgajili upravo ovako i nita nije bilo loe...bilo loe...bilo loe..
gde je rakija ... o-0
posted by kiza at Wednesday, April-15-2009 01:03am


Very funny
posted by Pradeep at Thursday, April-16-2009 01:31am

your mother

omg!! hilarious!!!
ahhhhhh funny
posted by zezima at Tuesday, April-21-2009 12:23pm


Wow a 7th Child..youre a gross loose
posted by Re:Perfect at Tuesday, April-21-2009 20:50pm

N!gger lyncher

I hope theres none of those creatures reading this...then they will know how to properly raise a child..which is bad..BANISH ALL BLACKS :D
posted by n1gger lyncher at Tuesday, April-21-2009 20:55pm


did anyone laugh seeing this monkey tips ? :mad:
posted by opj at Sunday, May-03-2009 12:41pm


LOLOMGROFL. So funny I cried and almost peed. :o
posted by rach at Sunday, May-03-2009 22:52pm


Haha this is funny :D but like the ways it shows u how u r supposed to be is like correct! Hahaha good for fun parents ;)
posted by Bella at Tuesday, May-12-2009 23:50pm

To the racist

You hate the black man, but you should hate your white ancestors for bringing them here. They didn't chose to be here. You can spend the rest of your life hating and critizing black people or you can accept them just as many do. You don't judge some one by the color of their skin, but by the content of the character. (M.L.K used this in similar words in "I have a Dream" did want anyone shouting for not giving him credit.) Regardless of how you feel just remember your president is half black. You seriously need GOD.
posted by Sloan at Tuesday, May-19-2009 14:04pm

I almost for got....

lol this was funny.....what a way to start the day! :clap:
posted by Sloan at Tuesday, May-19-2009 14:06pm


posted by Guest at Tuesday, May-19-2009 14:07pm


Funy stuff... I may be guilty of the diaper check thiing though. :o :clap:
posted by Anglea at Thursday, May-21-2009 15:02pm


Funy stuff... I may be guilty of the diaper check thiing though. :o :clap:
posted by Anglea at Thursday, May-21-2009 15:03pm


That's creepy :o xD
posted by Another American at Sunday, May-24-2009 16:22pm


posted by me at Thursday, May-28-2009 00:18am

You wanna talk about copyrights...

You all want to bitch and moan :mad: about the copyright infringement this site is committing by posting this book, yet have you ever looked at their "mascot" or "logo" or whatever up there? The slug. Look familiar to anyone? No, well it's pretty much the same idea as the Slurms MacKenzie character from Futurama IMO, so yeah, that should have been your first tip off that you may not be at a 100% reputable site. :doh:
posted by Informed Citizen at Thursday, May-28-2009 19:34pm


posted by Bob at Friday, May-29-2009 11:38am

directed toward ann

You epitomize what is wrong with our teaching system. When a teacher can't even use simple correct grammar/spelling, it's no wonder there are so many illiterate people out there. Maybe you are a math or science teacher and there is some hope, but with the average gpa of teachers so low, I'm not hopeful.
posted by Kim at Friday, May-29-2009 13:26pm


That is really funny!!! :doh: :)
posted by Giovanna at Saturday, May-30-2009 15:56pm


this is really funny lol :clap: :cool: :)
posted by Goosey at Monday, June-01-2009 09:59am


Very funny
posted by Bebek at Wednesday, June-03-2009 07:16am


posted by Ello! at Tuesday, June-09-2009 03:07am


i thought this wuz funny and u would have to be a moron to REALLY treat a child like this......i dont see what all the fuss is about unless U r a MORON!!!!lol :) :) :) :) :) :)
posted by home skilllet at Tuesday, June-09-2009 18:01pm


the funniest was the nursing one. :clap: :D :cool: :evil:
posted by bob at Thursday, June-11-2009 01:28am

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so all you have to do is subscribe and press F4 and you can talk to me all you want!!!!!!!!!
posted by Miley Cyrus at Thursday, June-11-2009 01:34am


I loled at the last one
posted by Josh at Sunday, June-14-2009 20:52pm

funny one

the most funny one was the checking the baby's diaper. :clap: :doh: :hand: :pray: :think: :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :| :red: :roll: :( :)
posted by angela at Wednesday, June-17-2009 18:29pm

Born Yesterday...

My baby K was born yesterday, and she laughed so hard she pooped her diaper. Loved it, copyrights and all!
posted by Baby K at Friday, June-19-2009 13:52pm

Queen Of The World (not!)

Funniest things I've seen in a long, long time!
posted by Jannie Funster at Saturday, June-27-2009 18:42pm

Oh My God

This is so freaking funny i almost died!!!!
posted by Dead$hot at Thursday, July-02-2009 04:12am


Try our new phone plan half off deals! :D
posted by Verizon Network at Thursday, July-02-2009 04:15am


Thanks.. :hand:
posted by at Wednesday, July-08-2009 12:45pm

ıt s crazyy

ı like this
posted by chicco at Wednesday, July-08-2009 16:48pm

ıts really funny

thanks for share...
posted by chicco mama sandalyesi at Wednesday, July-08-2009 16:51pm

its funny

thnk u very much. very funny
posted by dondolino at Wednesday, July-08-2009 16:53pm

its funny

posted by bebek odası at Wednesday, July-08-2009 16:55pm


that is so funny!!!!! I could't stop laughing!
posted by mel at Friday, July-17-2009 13:02pm


i had the silliest laugh and that too at about 2 am..!! :clap:
posted by suniti at Saturday, July-25-2009 20:06pm


posted by Milind Kolekar at Saturday, August-01-2009 05:59am

lol for the human confirmation.

:clap: :doh: :hand: :pray: :think: :wall: :D :-/ :cool: :cry: :o :evil: :mad: :| :red: :roll: :( :)
posted by lisa at Saturday, August-01-2009 10:55am


posted by bisiklet at Saturday, August-01-2009 11:40am

Bisiklet, Koşu Bandı, Motorsiklet, Atv

Thanks for the response
posted by motorsiklet at Saturday, August-01-2009 11:50am


a good way to teach parents what the dos and the don'ts with babies... he..he..
posted by febner pilimon simatupang at Monday, August-03-2009 01:29am


why would you put your hand down a diaper?!?! LOL :hand: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think:
posted by Keona at Monday, August-03-2009 06:23am


I like everyone else looked at this because it was funny, it is funny no matter how you try and be politically correct about it, we are humans and the plague of the earth, we enjoy torturing other people, killing and degrading others, the proof is in the posts ubove.

Divide and concor, we are controlled by an illuiminaty under the guise of democracy. we are not free, we only think we are. the gun debate is made crazy, the people who invented the f***ing things in the first place are the ones who need critised, we are only following the ways of what they want. if the people in control want us toown a gun we will. if they want us to drink cola, we will, we are all mind controlled, American, Austraillian, British or what ever.

and for the sad annoying fud balls who worry about spelling and grammer, it's the message that counts, again we fall for the ones who control us, as they are the ones who dictated how things should be said and spelled, there is no right or worng only what they have brain washed you to think.

my name is Mark, but if i want I can spell it Marc, Marq, Marrrk, Markq, who the f*** is anyone else to tell me it's wrong. I am me and will spell whatever way I want. if i want to do an english exam and pass i'll spell the way the exam requires.

YOU ARE ALL BLIND, chill way the still dudes. Grammer & Spelling don't make me laugh, I'm Scottish and my home lanuage and grammer was outlawed by the very people who created the American and Austraillian way of life, because the stupid c***s didn't have the intelect to learn how to communicate with us bonnie beautiful Scots. the very same f*** pigs who were to lazy to write do not and shortened it to don't, the kings english my arse, and factually if you want to talk about kings english/queens english or what ever, then factually the closet people to speak it live in Inverness Scotland so the f***ing english can not (can't ha ha) even do it correctly.

so stop wanking over internet porn, get out and never mind writing and communicate the old fashioned way and talk to people, or use the internet correctly "freedom of information" embrace each other my friends life hard enough without tit bits spreading there vile pish, DAVID ICKE for president, want educated then read soem of his stuff :clap:.

but the pictures were funny as f***, ha ha. over and out human f*** pigs.
posted by MARK at Friday, August-07-2009 09:50am


The pictures made me laugh but the comments that followed are hilarious. I didn't realize how many CRAZIES there are out there. :think:
posted by mamma mia at Friday, August-07-2009 21:41pm


I laughed. I'm ashamed of myself.
posted by mini e cigarette at Monday, August-10-2009 04:55am


very funny! hahahahaha :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
posted by ||elmo|| at Tuesday, August-18-2009 01:47am

do's and dnts wir babies

man dat was sum hilarious pictures. dis deserves 300% pity u cnt dwnlod da pics
posted by sassy mi at Sunday, August-23-2009 10:32am


:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :pray: :roll: :D :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :wall:
posted by unknowend at Sunday, August-23-2009 14:37pm

This is funny

Ok for one, I personally thought that this was very funny. Like a bunch of other people said, all of u who think this is sick, u need to lighten up. I have a 2 year old little boy, and I would never even think about harming him. He is my life so yeah all you people need to lighten up and learn how to take a joke!!!!!!! :D :wall: :clap: :)
posted by Foxxy2002 at Wednesday, August-26-2009 19:02pm


if anyone doesn't think this is funny they should get checked out. Its a freakin joke people, sure somewhere a bad parent has probably tried a couple of the bad ones but that doesn't make it less funny, nay sayers should just go to hell.
posted by g at Friday, August-28-2009 18:17pm


I couldn't stop laughing at these. My favorite had to the be last one, with the air horn.

There are some serious wet blankets in this world.
posted by darlean at Monday, August-31-2009 07:04am


This was so wrong in a most funny way! My head hurts and my throat is sore laughing at this.

As for the racist don't argue with him/her. You're just wartering their garden of hate. Let that seed die in their cold, dead, frozen heart.

And they did give credit to the books author. Better late than never. :)
posted by Jen at Monday, August-31-2009 17:52pm


posted by hey at Tuesday, September-01-2009 03:57am


very funny!
posted by vinyl machinery at Tuesday, September-01-2009 20:27pm


Thanks. I like tahat
posted by vinyl machinery at Tuesday, September-01-2009 20:46pm!

hahah thats funny =]
:clap: :D :)
posted by princess at Wednesday, September-09-2009 16:45pm


que pinches pendejadas tanto esfuerzo para hacer tanta pinche mierda... all this f***ing s*** stinks is as funny as an dicctionary. :|
posted by pqiquetes de vergonio at Wednesday, September-09-2009 23:42pm

funny& hilarious pics

cum to find out that some of these actually work! LOL! Laughed so hard,that my sides hurt! Nice to see that someone has just as twisted sense of humor as I do. Just what the world needs, more laughter! If anyone was offended by these pics, then they need to find a good shrink! First thing in the morning, and I find this on the computer. What a n item to wake up to. It made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap: :D :cool:
posted by jrpete/fiat at Sunday, September-20-2009 15:19pm


On topic: The pictures made me giggle, and I bought the book to add to my silly books collection.
Off topic: To those who found the pictures horribly offense, they probably have not been on the internet for more than a day. There are people who won't find this funny, I get that, but to seriously think that the average parent would do these things to their baby? Willingly? Bad parents do these things without no remorse. Good parents would never do these things and will probably find these pictures amusing. Stop being so butt-hurt about the pictures.
posted by Frogger at Monday, September-28-2009 14:20pm

Simply Superb

Its very funny :clap:
I like the idea of telling people what is bad and good in this funny manner. Keep it up.
posted by Katie at Wednesday, September-30-2009 05:07am


for those of you who found no humor in these illustrations, your loss. laugh! IT'S FUNNY. just cause someone drew these scenarios for entertainment doesn't mean they'd actually perform them. chill out. :D
posted by lolley at Friday, October-02-2009 18:34pm


hahah thats funny :D
posted by İstanbul Bebek at Wednesday, October-07-2009 09:19am


this was funny :D
posted by kazaloe at Thursday, October-08-2009 05:47am

Midterm Project

My professor made me visit this website. Can I sue somebody??
posted by CUNY Student at Tuesday, October-13-2009 05:27am


Thank you for the beautiful description :clap:
posted by Netvitrinim at Tuesday, October-13-2009 12:37pm

OMFGZ u guyz r retarts!!11!!11

i cnt blive how stupid u lot rrr


:clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by looool at Wednesday, October-14-2009 16:01pm


lolololololololololololololololololololololololo :wall: :wall:
posted by Guest at Thursday, October-15-2009 20:57pm


the things that say no is what you do! :D :clap: :doh: :pray:
posted by Guest at Thursday, October-15-2009 21:00pm


:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :think: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :o :evil:
posted by Guest at Thursday, October-15-2009 21:01pm


I was looking around to find some stuffs about taking care of baby and I come across this site... I find it really funny and mayB there is truly some people who act this way :think:
I sincerely :pray: that people do not do the don't with their babies...
posted by Leena at Monday, October-19-2009 10:05am


posted by at Wednesday, October-21-2009 10:41am


take care of baby always do not doing bad,,,, :( :( :( :( :(
posted by Guest at Friday, October-30-2009 12:33pm


play with your baby,,,,
posted by Guest at Friday, October-30-2009 12:35pm


ang saya ng buhay pag may anak ka grabe,,kaya ako super excited na makita ko anak ko kung kanino mukha hehehehe,,,sa asawa kba oh sakin mukha,,hehehehe
posted by Guest at Friday, October-30-2009 12:37pm


ang saya ng buhay pag may anak ka grabe,,kaya ako super excited na makita ko anak ko kung kanino mukha hehehehe,,,sa asawa kba oh sakin mukha,,hehehehe :clap: :pray: :roll: :wall:
posted by Guest at Friday, October-30-2009 12:39pm

to clear things up...

Actually, an IQ of 99 can't technically be considered below average because you need to account for SEM (standard error of measurement) which is always a variable in any assessment. Also, IQ tests are not always a fair assessment of intelligence because they have been found to have some cultural bias and the United States is very much a multi-cultural nation. You should take this into consideration before making comments that may be offensive and inaccurate.

The pictures were VERY funny!
posted by Guest at Friday, October-30-2009 22:27pm


Well s***, I just saved $9.95. Suckas. :clap: :clap: :clap:
posted by Guest at Friday, November-06-2009 21:17pm


posted by laskjfasljdflajslfajks at Tuesday, November-10-2009 07:29am

If you liked this, you'll love the Good Daddy Bad Daddy Video!

If you liked that, you'll love this "Good Daddy, Bad Daddy" video...
posted by Frank Olivier at Friday, November-13-2009 03:26am

This is a stupid stuff

please put up something useful
posted by sridevi at Friday, November-13-2009 10:17am

great parenting tips

hahaha we loved this its hilarious so for all of you losers who think its not funny, you need help. We loved the drier and nursing tips the most! They were the best! haha we love the publisher of this site! thanks!
posted by margaret & bailey at Friday, November-13-2009 23:57pm


that was absolutely fantastical!
posted by naylor m at Sunday, November-15-2009 13:14pm


thiis iis funny shiit x-D
posted by Christinee at Wednesday, November-25-2009 00:17am


dis was funny but very scary to do with a baby
posted by gloria at Tuesday, December-01-2009 20:03pm


in the picture there is a man breast feeding. is there men that can do that? it looks yummy, i want some. :clap:
posted by gayboy at Thursday, December-03-2009 18:12pm


:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :clap: :pray: :red: :roll: :evil: :o :evil: :mad: :evil: :cry: :-/ :cool: :-/
posted by if you read this ur gay at Thursday, December-10-2009 21:54pm

oto koltuğu

this was funny
posted by Ali at Thursday, December-17-2009 11:25am


haha...i'm cryin' over here. definitely going to get this book for my daughter! :D :D
posted by gma 2 be at Friday, December-18-2009 19:09pm



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